Welcome to Pixel Epic

Toronto based motion design studio with an eye for creating high-end Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

With decades of experience producing Television, Film, Documentary, Commercial, Music Video and Web content for clients from all around the globe, Pixel Epic is equipped to take on projects of any shape and size.


Combining traditional hand drawn fundamentals with modern 3D design is the basis for our approach to Animation. Whether it's an underwater view of a grizzly snatching a salmon to pulling apart a famous monument and inspecting it's inner workings, our vivid animation style will bring it to life.

High-end Visual FX are no longer exclusive to the realm of feature films. The seamless marriage of live action photography with computer generated imagery has never been as accessible or looked so good. Filmed a winter location in June? We can help with that. Need to turn 2024 into 2124? Lets do it.

Taking static artwork and having it burst into life with motion and depth is one of our specialties. Everything from photo collages to creating entire painted worlds, Motion Graphics combines elements of Animation, Design and Visual FX to create something amazing.

Having a strong, cohesive and unique visual language is paramount for productions of any size to stand out from the crowd. We're able to create end to end packages including Lower Thirds, Bumpers, Title Cards and anything else you can dream up to help the visuals catch viewers attention and keep it.

An element that is often overlooked and undervalued, having a striking Logo Design can go a long way to creating a successful production. With it often being the first point of contact viewers lay eyes on, having something that is clear and concise, while still conveying the intended look and feel is extremely important.

Growing in popularity over the years, Opening Title sequences have become an artform in and of themselves. Often leaning into the more experimental and visually arresting end of the spectrum, pretty much anything goes, as long as it gets people's attention and hints at great things to come.  

Let's get crazy! We're just along for the ride and will do our best to get you to wherever you want to go.

Situating the viewer in the world can be vital to creating engaging narratives but nobody said they have to be boring. Pulling stylistically from the rest of the production, we're able to create Map Visualizations that seamlessly slot in and place the action right where it needs to be.

Distilling complex or abstract concepts down to something that is visually digestible has never been easy to do. It's a good thing we've got years of experience creating Explainer graphics for just that. From following neural pathways in the brain to how ground penetrating sonar works, we've got you covered.

Offering a cheaper and much more flexible alternative to traditional live action product shoots, computer generated renderings have taken off in popularity. With the added bonus of not having to adhere to the laws of nature, we can create something that truly represents your product in the best possible light (literally!).





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